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About Me

My name is Palesa Mokete Ramoshaba, my home language is Northern Sotho(Sepedi), I was born and raised in Johannesburg (Soweto). I was born on 10 December 1993 at Baragwanath Hospital. I lived with both my parents and two brothers at Mapetla ext, for 20 years and Moved to Naturena in 2014. While staying at Mapetla I went to creche from 9 months till 5 years(1994 - 1999), I attend primary school at ST Peter Claver in Pimville from 2000 - 2005(Grade 1-6) and from 2006 - 2012 I went to Sekolo Sa Borokgo in Randburg continuing with my grades. After completing my matric I went and studied Information Technology at CTI in Randburg in 2013, 2014 I change colleges and went to Varsity College (2014-2017) studied Software Development. 2018 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, his name is Reamogetse Kopano Ramoshaba.

As I grow up I found that I have other brothers from my father's side who stays in limpopo, all along I've thinking they are my cousins. So I have 4 siblings but I am only left with two of them of which is those brothers who stay in limpopo, the other two brother passed away in 2009 and 2017.

In life as I am growing up, I realized I have aspects/things to develop for future purpose. In my life I have come across famous quote I like to say which is "never lose hope, good things will come when the time is right"/ "oska fela pelo, hotlo loka ha ona se sa lokeng". Then my adjectives that really describe who am I are: (Brave, sweet, humble, Kind, Polite, outgoing, Thankful, Ambitious, Faithful, Proud, and nice), my personal development that influence me is the quality of life that I contribute to the realization of my dream. Other personal development in my life is that I like to help and advice people in guiding their decision.

The best/worst childhood memories, I will start with the worst childhood memories is always fighting with my friends and I never had a strong bond with girlfriends because they will always gossip. Then my best childhood memories is playing "bhati" with my friends and including elders and it would be fun, even though we will struggle to get material(tins and tennis) but if we couldn't find tennis we would use newspaper and plastic to make a ball.

My memorable days in my life is going out with family, friends and most my brothers. I would also enjoy dancing with my brothers because I would teach them how to dance. In my life the important lesson I have learned is start to invest for my kids while still young because I grew up being spoiled and not able to save up for my future life, but I was too depending on my parent and they were doing everything for me, so I have to try and save up as much as I can for my kids future life and teach them how to save money at the young age.

I have achievement that I still need to achieve and others I have achieved, I have achieved a diploma, matric certificate and being a mom. I still have lot of things to achieve in life which is a degree and Re-organized something to make it work better. Goals for the future that I still need to focus on, are to build a better life for me, my family, my son and upcoming kids. Another thing is to own a company/business and build my parent their dream home even for myself.

Adventurous is one of my favorite entertainment, so they are places I would like to visit and others I have visited. Place I would like to visit in my life is Dubai, East London, Port Elizabeth, Bahamas, Maldives and Mauritius. Places I have been too is Mpumalanga, Durban, Cape town, Free State, Vaal, Limpopo and North West.

As time goes, I would love to develop more skills that I haven't developed, and those skills I want to develop are: Interpersonal Ability, Leadership/Management skills, sales and marketing.